Press Kit


Mercy all the way (30 min, 2014, Finland)

original title: Säälistäjät

written by: Hannaleena Hauru and Tanja Heinänen

director: Hannaleena Hauru


A group of women working in an unemployment office in a small Finnish town have started to give out sex to outcast young men in order to prevent future school shootings in Finland. Mirja (35) tries to hide, that after spending a night with unemployed Marko (23), she has fallen in love. Saving Finland is at stake.

 The jury congratulates the maker of this film for boldness, craziness and a body image that differs from the mainstream. This comedy is rudimentarily genius.

– Tampere Film Festival, National Jury 2015, Special Prize

director’s statement

The inspiration for this film rose from a column written by a Finnish journalist a couple of years ago. His theory was that all the school shootings in Finland could have been prevented, if women would just have given sex to the guys. Me and scriptwriter-actress Tanja Heinänen saw an immidiate place for a comical satire, and as I usually work, humour is a tool to talk about the hardest topics in life: hard topics like romantic love.

Cast and crew (see link)

 Stills from the film


Helsinki Short Film Festival, Best Fiction Film 2015.

Tampere Film Festival 2015 National Competition: Special Prize

Nomination for Best Nordic Short Film, Nordisk Panorama 2015

Production company:

MADE / Ulla Simonen



Perämiehenkatu 12 E
00150 Helsinki

Screening history (here)


Hannaleena Hauru, Born in 1983, Finland.

Hannaleena has graduated from two Finnish Film Schools: ELO Helsinki and TTVO Tampere, yet she considers her two real filmschools have been NISI MASA European Network of Young Cinema and the KINO Movement. Some short films by Hannaleena have been making waves in Berlinale Generations, Oberhausen, Cannes Critics’ week, Uppsala and Tampere with their precise, poetic atmosphere and strong inner world of the characters. Hannaleena has been working as a screenwriter, director, producer, editor, teacher, and as a coordinator and tutor of international film workshops and trainings. In addition she’s the founder of The International Random Film Festival and Helsinki Film Academy. Currently Hannaleena is working on her first feature film, Thick Lashes of Lauri Mäntyvaara. 



Samuel Beckett: Comment dire (2013)

short film, premiere: Oslo Poetry Film Festival 2013, Best experimental film at Helsinki Short Film Festival 2014.

The slut trilogy” (three short films) (2010-2011)

Int. premiere: Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden 2012

Älä kuiskaa ystävän suuhun (Whispering in a Friend’s Mouth) (2010)

Premiere 2010 Berlinale Generation 14+, Berlin, Germany.

FILMINI Short Film Festival, Bulgaria. Special Mention by the jury

Catching (2009)

int. premiere, International Film Festival Oberhausen

Blue Sea Film Festival, 3. award in Baltic Herring -competition 2010

Vialliset otteet, (2009)

42 min, experimental, bachelor’s thesis work for

University of Art and Design Helsinki.

So there are no poems coming to me (2008)

int. premiere: Festival de Cannes, Critics’ Week, Nisi Masa Carte Blanche

Jos kaadun (If I Fall) (2007)

premiere. Festival de Cannes, Critics’ Week

Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden, Grand Prix 2008.

54th Int. Short Film Festival Oberhausen, award of the cinema jury:

Tampere Film Festival 2008: award of the youth jury

Blue Sea Film Festival, Baltic Herring 2007, 2. award on student category

Nisi Masa script award 2005

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